selenium What is the difference of cucumber Core and Cucumber-java8 Dependencies?

Here we update the feature file with ‘Scenario Outline’ and ‘examples’ syntax. They contain a single Feature definition for the system under test and are an executable test script. BDD provides a strong collaboration between involved parties. It is just because of easy test cases which are written in the English language.

  • Test case statements are based on the system’s behavior and more user-focused.
  • In this BDD Cucumber tutorial, we will look at the instructions on how to add necessary JARs to a Cucumber Selenium Java project in order to set up Cucumber in Eclipse.
  • If it does not, then code refactoring will be required.
  • Most of the organizations use Selenium for functional testing.

TestNG is a testing framework for Java that can be used to organize and run Selenium tests. Cucumber.js is a tool that is often used in conjunction with Selenium for automating acceptance tests. It allows you to write tests in a natural language syntax called Gherkin, which makes it easy for non-technical team members to understand and write tests. Cucumber with Selenium is one the most easy to use combinations.

Step Arguments

Cucumber is a well-known Behavior-Driven Development framework that allows developers to implement end-to-end testing. The combination of Selenium with Cucumber provides a powerful framework that allows you to create functional tests in an easy way. In the Cucumber testing, the test cases are written in a simple English text, which anybody can understand without any technical knowledge.

What is Cucumber in java

It depends on the specific needs and goals of a project to determine the better framework. Cucumber is a tool for writing and running automated acceptance tests, while Selenium is a tool for automating interactions with web browsers. Both can be useful for different purposes in the testing process, but selenium is blessed with additional features. Automation testing is a crucial aspect of software development, allowing developers to quickly and efficiently validate the functionality and performance of their applications. Cucumber is a testing framework that uses natural language specifications to define test cases, and Nightwatch.js is a tool for automating tests for web applications. Cucumber is a testing framework that supports behavior-driven development and allows you to write features and scenarios in a human-readable language.

Scenario hooks

It follows a BDD framework to observe the behavior of the software’s functionalities. “Cucumber is a software tool used by the testers to develop test cases for the testing of behavior of the software.” In this tutorial, you will find all crucial terminologies such as Behaviour Driven Development, Feature File, Scenario, Step Definition, Tag, etc of cucumber testing. ​Gherkinis a simple, lightweight and structured language which uses regular spoken language to describe requirements and scenarios. By regular spoken language we mean English, French and around 30 more languages.

What is Cucumber in java

It was exclusively used only for testing of Ruby as a complement to the RSpec BDD framework. They are currently marked aspending, which means we need to make them do something useful. When we do Behaviour-Driven Development with Cucumber we use concrete examplesto specify what we want the software to do. As the production code emerges, scenarios take on a role as living documentation andautomated tests. While it’s not required, we strongly recommend you include one of thedependency injection modules as well.

Gherkin language

By Cucumber (using DataTable.asList(String.class)) before invoking the step definition. To learn more about automation testing with Selenium, Cucumber, and TestNG, check out the full article on Automation Testing With Selenium, Cucumber & TestNG. For a detailed Cucumber framework example you can read our Cucumber.js Tutorial with Examples For Selenium JavaScript for a step by step explanation. Cucumber.js, a Behaviour Driven Development framework, has made it easier to understand tests by using a given-when-then structure. For example- Imagine you have $1000 in your bank account. If the machine is working properly, it will give you $200 and your bank account balance will be $800.

What is Cucumber in java

This article provides detailed instructions and tips for setting up Cucumber in these two popular Java IDEs. To add Selenium to Cucumber, add the selenium-java and selenium dependencies JARs to the project. Here are the steps for configuring Cucumber in IntelliJ. The testing environment set up and execution both are very quick and easy. It provides an end-to-end testing framework, unlike other tools. The code of developed software must correspond with the BDD defined test scripts.


The feature file is then translated into code using step definition files, which contain methods that correspond to each step in the feature file. Automation testing with Selenium, Cucumber, and TestNG is a powerful combination for testing web applications. Selenium is an open-source tool for automating web browsers, and it can be used to automate a wide range of tasks in a web application. Cucumber is a tool for writing and executing acceptance tests, and it can be used to define the expected behavior of a web application in a simple, human-readable language.

What is Cucumber in java

This language should be good enough to be used as project documentation. In this tutorial, you will learn what is a Cucumber Framework, the advantages of Cucumber and how to get started with this Cucumber Java Tutorial. The first two steps are passing, but the last one is failing. The step ‘today is Sunday’ and 2 other step are undefined. Now that we have a scenario, we can ask Cucumber to execute it. Try running an Example Mapping workshop in your team to design examples together.

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The hooks have ‘invoke around’ semantics, meaning that if a BeforeStephook is executed the AfterStep hooks will also be executed regardless of the result of the step. If a step did not pass, the following step and its hooks will be skipped. Before hooks run before the first step of each scenario.

This typically involves installing Java, Cucumber, and Jenkins. You will also need to set up a project in your development environment and configure it to use Cucumber. Once you have set up your project, you can begin writing tests using Selenium, Cucumber, and TestNG.

Why use Cucumber with Selenium?

Once you have set up your project and configured Cucumber, you can begin writing acceptance tests using Cucumber’s Given-When-Then syntax. These tests should define the expected behavior of your application in a simple, human-readable language. Cucumber is a tool used for writing and running automated acceptance tests in the behavior-driven development process. It allows developers to write human-readable acceptance tests that can be run automatically to ensure that an application meets the specified requirements. Cucumber tool plays a vital role in the development of acceptance test cases for automation testing.

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