Law Firm Accounting: The Ultimate Guide

bookkeeping for small law firm

A business savings account is a good place to store money you’re setting aside for taxes and unforeseen emergencies. Whether you’re a small law firm or large, follow the steps in this guide, and get on the path to financial clarity and success. You can’t wait until right before tax time to start tracking your finances. In fact, you can’t even afford to wait a week until you make time to enter your transactions.

  • Spreadsheet software and software that helps manage financial records are some of the tools available to help with accounting.
  • Clio Manage and other programs help firms organize their financial activities, from the expense and revenue tracking to managing billables.
  • Each aspect of law firm accounting is explained understandably and concisely.
  • Law firm accounting is fairly subjective compared to law firm bookkeeping.
  • Controllers often oversee the bookkeeper’s work, reconcile the accounts, and make more significant ledger adjustments.
  • A free time tracking software can be used until you get your legal accounting system set up.

Borrowing is also a red flag for potential insolvency or other financial problems a law firm may be going through. In other words, if your law firm even considers borrowing from its IOLTA account, you may not be in the best position to handle clients. With this method, tax liability attaches before funds are even received. And although accrual accounting gives you a good idea of your future income and expenses, it does not provide as clear a picture of your cash flow situation as cash accounting. This is a more appropriate accounting method for large firms with high client turnover. As you learn more about the process, you will likely find that you already understand law firm accounting and financial management.


Maintaining your books on a regular basis ensures that all of your financial transactions are accurately recorded and organized. This makes it much easier for your accountant to prepare financial statements and tax returns. Lawyers are required by law to maintain separate trust accounts for their client’s funds. They are not allowed to commingle these funds with their own money or use them for any purpose other than holding them in trust for their clients.

bookkeeping for small law firm

Whether intentional or through neglect, violations of compliance regulations—like mishandling client funds—can lead to serious repercussions. Onboard, pay, and create tax documents for contractors in 80+ countries, all for a low monthly fee. Plus, Gusto’s easy-to-use software law firm bookkeeping means payroll takes only minutes to complete. We proactive financial advice to help guide companies and keep them cash healthy, competitive, and fiscally sound. High-level reporting using firm specific data sets the stage for maximum return on your bottom line.

Law firm accounting vs. bookkeeping: What’s the difference?

Double entry accounting is a helpful practice for lawyers to know about, as it provides an extra guard against errors. FreshBooks provides the accounting support you need and takes care of the data entry and migration from QuickBooks Online, Word, or any other accounting systems or bookkeeping software. If you’re in search of a reliable law firm bookkeeping service near you, FinOP Group is the answer. Our fees depend on the size of the firm and the work, involved but we can provide a fixed fee each month so that you can budget. Cloud based accounting and practice management software is essential in today’s world.

bookkeeping for small law firm

We recommend scheduling a time to track your finances at least weekly. Bookkeeping requires dedication and attention just like everything else in your firm. We understand what it’s like to have everything fall on your shoulders. That’s also why we recommend eventually hiring a professional bookkeeper to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. By now, you know you can’t simply create a financial strategy and budget and sit back and relax.

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Manage your legal practice effortlessly from front to back using Soluno’s open API and powerful integrations with the legal industry’s best solutions. “One of my favourite things about Soluno is that it’s completely cloud-based so I have full peace of mind that I will never lose data… I can docket in real time straight from court.” Whether you’re in the neighborhoods of Denver’s these zip codes 80211, 80210, 80209, or 80207, or are out of state, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. We aim to eliminate this burden by providing the specialized financial expertise you need without the hefty cost of maintaining an in-house team.

  • Legal bookkeeping is a complex field that requires specific processes.
  • It is essential for law firms to maintain a professional reputation in order to ensure the success of their business.
  • If you understand the different roles and skillsets each position has, you’ll be able to assess what type of help they can provide to you.
  • Putting it off means having to catch up at the end of the year—the more stressful and time consuming approach.
  • Only a small mistake or duplicated data entry may result in wasted time, mismatched records, billing complications, and even compliance violations.

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